Winner of a Davida Helmet For The Prize of ‘Rider Choice’

by dev on June 03, 2010

Here is Alistair McQuaid with his HD XR750 Flat Tracker with Rachael Prevett of Red Max. Alistair’s HD XR750 won a Davida Helmet for the ‘Riders Choice’ Prize at the Amman Valley Flat Track Meeting, South Wales, UK  29th + 30th May 2010

This race meet was an absolute blast….Italians, Germans and Dutch Flat Trackers, travelled across in force to meet and race with the Brits. It was the biggest meeting of Flat Trackers ever to come together outside of America.

In the pits, machines and racers sheltered under awnings, the Italians shared out their bread, pasta, proscuttio and wine, and after a rain sodden day the floodlite racing started at 7pm on Saturday. With a racing surface that was wet on top and hard underneath, the bikes didn’t slide smoothly around the corners as they would normally do. Tyres slid then gripped so many times they left deep zigzag track marks across the full width of each end of the oval. Every man and bike came off the track smothered from head to toe, tank to tyre in a complete and thick coating of cement coloured mud.

Sundays racing was a dry event and everyone gloried in the return to the normal turn left, flat track style, except Zaeta Machine ridden by Marco Belli who insisted on doing wheelies down both the straights.

Organised by Pete Boast of, supported by Sideburn, Red Max and Davida.

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