TEAM CAMERON Harry Perrey Trial 2009

by dev on May 14, 2009

 This is Rob and Andy at it again Classic Sidecar Trial Racing

The Bike : – Ariel Red Hunter Chassis/swing arm registered 1956 with Ariel 500cc bottom half of engine and rigid rear hub. Rest is bits from various bikes, including Matchless, Burman, Norton, Suzuki, BSA, Bultaco, Harley Davidson, Triumph.

For anyone not familiar to sidecar racing the driver kneels in specially shaped kneeler trays when racing, as well as the passenger moving from side to side the driver needs to adjust his body lean to assist the passenger with weight distribution both going round left and right hand corners. The passenger’s job needs to be very precise, sometimes quick and smooth all at the same time. An experienced passenger steers the sidecar 49% and the driver 51%, a good sidecar passenger will know exactly how to passenger each corner by the speed or line a driver enters a corner, they can also get a sidecar “out of trouble

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